House Concerts

Have Elyse perform in your living room for you and your friends!

Photo by Beth Backer  

What Is a House Concert?
A house concert is a gathering of friends who come to enjoy live music in a comfortable and intimate setting. It's when someone opens their home and invites you into their living room to share in a performance by one of their favorite musicians. House concerts offer guests a chance to experience live music in the most personal way, to meet the performer and hear their stories, and get them to sign their CD. 
A recent house concert in Boulder, Colorado

Why I Love House Concerts
“My lyrics are the most important to me, so it feels great to be surrounded by people that really want to hear the words. When people are listening and engaged, I can connect with them on a much deeper level. I love being able to get to know my audience and put it all out there in a casual setting, so house concerts are a great fit for what I do."

"Hosting a house concert is a great way to provide an avenue of social and financial support for your favorite artist, while treating your friends to an unforgettable evening of music."

Interested in Hosting?
You Don't Have to Be Rich
A suggested donation, usually $10-$20 per person, is requested of guests, and this is how the artist is paid. Some hosts like to provide light refreshments, but all expenses to the host are optional. Often guests enjoy bringing items for a potluck dinner following the concert. 

Your Living Room is Perfect
Most living rooms accommodate 20-60 people with some creative placement of chairs, stools, and some flexible guests who don't mind being seated on cushions. You can even have neighbors bring a seat!

Your Friends Will Love It
Hosting a house concert is a unique way to gather your friends and give them a memorable one-of-a-kind experience.

Everybody Wins
House concerts expose guests to great music they might not hear through mainstream media and provide a solid foundation for today's working musicians to gain exposure and make a living.

Want More Information?

These two videos will give you an idea of what it's like to have a concert in your home.
Elyse playing a house concert in Brooklyn, New York 2011
"You're Invited to a House Concert"
"House Concert Basics"

Ok, Let's Do It!
If you have questions or are ready to host a house concert, just email me and we'll start planning!