I like to hide songs all over the internet to make it fun for you to discover new ones. If you dig, you'll probably find more than are mentioned here, but this is a guide to get you started...

First, check out my new single, Quicksand! Released August 31, 2018.

Then listen to a few of my favorite songs on Reverberation.

Download Colton's Song, I Want to Love You, and more on Bandcamp. (pay what you want) Bandcamp also has pretty artwork.


Sixty by Thirty, aka 60x30 (this project is still in progress. it's sixty songs I've written by age 30, but I'm still working on posting them. We're up to 20. These are just demos of songs that are "done.") Hear them on Soundcloud:

Or visit my Wordpress site to read all the lyrics while you listen.


I've started a podcast on where I post new songs I'm writing and silly behind-the-scenes of my writing sessions... hear them all at

I've been known to post on a few other sites
so search and you may find
something else, something new
something hidden just for you

You've found a hidden song!
How You Wear Your Hair
Copy and paste this link to watch it on Youtube: