12 Minute Sketches

I am a slow artist. And I'm on a tight timeline to finish this project. And I'm way behind schedule. The thing that's been the hardest for me is deciding how to compose the scenes. I could spend days just deciding on one! So my Dad suggested I set a time limit to speed things along. His idea was to see if I could do all the compositions in one day of work. Sounded daunting, but if even if it came out terribly, I would only lose one day, right? 

Well, the day I planned to do it, I didn't get started until after 2 pm. I didn't want to be finishing up at 10 or 11 that night, and I didn't want to put it off until tomorrow (again). 4 hours would have to be enough. 19 sketches in 4 hours--let's see--that's...
12.63 minutes each?! Factor in page turns, bathroom breaks, random distractions...better call it 12 minutes. I found this handy countdown timer to keep me on task. Then I drew. I drew and I drew and I drew! Here's what happened:

Actually, what you're seeing here is close ups of parts of the sketches. Full page views are here.

I am very happy with the results! It's still a long way from final artwork, but those 4 hours of work were very productive. I did all 19 pages! See more in the 12 Minute Sketches photo album on my facebook page. I am adding drawings daily. What fun! I should apply this time limit thing to more of my creative work.