"It’s a fair bet that several songs will get stuck in your head after just one listen...Miller has a way with both words and music, and her interest in social issues and playful sense of humor shine through on Paperdoll."
- Karen Duda, Elevate Difference (formerly Feminist Review)

"If you’ve seen Nonesuch Theater’s musical “Native!” you’re already aware of Elyse Miller. But you might not know just how multi-talented Miller truly is. With the release of her self-produced debut CD “Paperdoll,” the Fort Collins singer-songwriter will correct that. This recording is filled with Miller’s soon-to-be-signature lilting vocals, whip-smart lyrics and broad musical stylings, which reveal her wide range; Miller has training in jazz, blues, folk, choral, gospel, country and musical theater."
- Stacy Nick, Coloradoan

"Elyse Miller surprises with 'Paperdoll' ...hooks you early on and never fails to surprise you... Miller refuses to repeat any vocal phrasing or sing any verse or chorus more than a few times the same way, sparing the listener of the repeat-heavy monotony that plagues so many singer-songwriter albums. Miller’s lyrics are pointed and political, with a pinch of social commentary...Paperdoll is an intriguing album by a songwriter unafraid to experiment and take risks with her music. The short, eclectic collection of songs reveals a smart creator behind them, and I’m interested to see where Miller chooses to go with her music from here."  

"Elyse Miller produces songs that love to be listened to again and again."
Paul Ruth, The Independent Music Scene

Elyse Miller is a singer-songwriter from Fort Collins, CO known for her “whip-smart lyrics” and “playful sense of humor.” She has performed alongside world class artists such as folk legend John Gorka. Her songwriting exhibits a hint of musical theatre and a variety of influences from Etta James to Queen. Elyse’s voice has been described as "soulful, rich, warm," "beautifully haunting," and "like butter." Her new single, Quicksand, was recorded at The Music District and produced by Jonah Brockman in collaboration with ItyDity. Quicksand is a subtle call to action, eerie yet enticing...and a teaser for her next full length album, currently in production.